Perfume Genius is a Genius – and WeTransfer is okay too.

This is my new favourite thing! Back in July, Perfume Genius, working with WeTransfer, a commercial large file upload tool, invited fans to upload videos of themselves dancing to “Wreath.” Mr. Genius (Mike Hadreas) promised to reward his favourite dancer with a cover of their favourite song and other treats.

And today, we all got a treat. Below is the video for “Wreath” which is made up entirely of video submitted by dancing fans. This four minutes of unleashed happiness will make your day better, I promise!

I included the fact that this project was supported by a commercial app because I think it is important to recognize and applaud schemes like this. Instead of putting their resources to buying endless online ad interruptions and banners, WeTransfer used their resources to support the creation of new content, rather than simply leeching off it.

See, the internet doesn’t suck all the time 🙂

Something to think about.


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