Learn Cursive with Lunatic Engine – Lesson 09 –


a month of hungry man my brother
and I eating on the black and white
bridge of the Enterprise in our living
room at TV trays dad sat in his
La-Z-Boy we were Sulu and Chekov
a sober Captain Kirk behind us

This is one of the poems I’m not going to say much about here. It was actually difficult to choose an excerpt for this lesson. This poem is fragile. It is one of the more narrative pieces. Each line depends on those that came before. It’s amazing how one word can change the entire tone of a piece. Remove the word “sober” from this excerpt and it is a completely different poem. If only it were that easy.

Here we have my second-favourite pen. One of the more popular German fountain pen brands is Lamy. Their Safari and All-Star pens are everywhere. Not every pen is for every person and the triangular grip sections on the entry level Lamy’s are not for me.

I prefer rival German pen company, the relative upstart founded in 1991, Online. This little beauty, called the Icone, retails for less than $100 CAD and has the most delicious little steel nib on it. It is a bit softer than a Pilot nib but still firm enough to lay down a nice, sharp line.

I love its sleek body design and the way it feels in my hand. It is perfectly weighted for my writing style. The only complaint I have with this pen is that apparently there is a sharp edge inside the cap of mine which has etched a line into a portion of the grip section. Its a small annoyance in an otherwise near perfect pen.

I’ve paired this pen with yet another Iroshizuku ink. This time I’m using ” Kiri-Same” or “Autumn Shower.” It’s a grey ink! Have you ever seen a grey ink before? These photos don’t quite do it justice. I suggest you head over to your local pen store and see it for yourself.

About Learn Cursive with Lunatic Engine. Each week, until my first book of poetry launches in April 2020, I am going to complete a cursive worksheet featuring lines from the poems in the book with notes on which tool I used. I will post the blank sheets as pdf’s below and here on the full explanation page for you to download, print and complete.

A new lesson with new lines will be added to the complete document so that by the time the book comes out, you’ll have not only had a chance to read a couple of lines from each poem, but you’ll have written them yourself.

So there you have it: Learn Cursive, with lines from Lunatic Engine.

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