Learn Cursive with Lunatic Engine – Lesson 14 –

Through My Memory of Their Eloquence

in the third trimester
your hands
vein and swell
like tree swallows

A love poem. Pure and simple. I can’t wait for you to read the whole thing.

And now we’ve come to the final fountain pen. I’ve got a couple of other interesting writing implements to share but this Pilot 78G is the last of the fountains and one you’re not likely to see very often any more. Pilot stopped production of this pen a few years ago apparently. This explains why I was able to get this for a song from an online retailer getting rid of the last of their stock. Which also explains why I could only get it in a medium. Sigh.

The 78G was Pilot’s entry-level, super affordable pen for a number of years. It’s light but well-made, comfortable and balanced. Slide a con-40 converter in there and it will write for days. The gold-plated nib writes as well as any other Pilot nib. Gosh I love them.

This is also my last bottle of ink as well. Noodler’s is one of the more popular ink brands. The ink is right on the sweet spot between too wet and too dry. There are a ridiculous number of colours and you can’t beat the value for money. This 88 ml bottle costs less than most other 50 ml bottles of other inks – and the bottle comes filled to the absolute top.

About Learn Cursive with Lunatic Engine. Each week, until my first book of poetry launches in April 2020, I am going to complete a cursive worksheet featuring lines from the poems in the book with notes on which tool I used. I will post the blank sheets as pdf’s below and here on the full explanation page for you to download, print and complete.

A new lesson with new lines will be added to the complete document so that by the time the book comes out, you’ll have not only had a chance to read a couple of lines from each poem, but you’ll have written them yourself.

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