Some Recent Author Activity Including An Audiobook, A Zoominar, And A Proustian Questionnaire

As we near the end of National Poetry Month, the good folks at Turnstone Press have released an audio anthology featuring me, Su Croll, Joanna Lilley, and Sarah Ens reading from our either just published, or forthcoming collections – and it’s free!

Download the audio book here: and listen to excerpts from Cold Metal Stairs, Endlings, The World Is Mostly Sky and my forthcoming Lunatic Engine.

On April 22 I was also privileged to moderate an online discussion between my fellow Turnstone poet Joanna Lilley, Cary Hame from the Nature Conservancy of Canada, and Victoria Markstrom from the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre. This event was part of Lauren Carter’s brilliant “Pandemic Response Reading Series” which is featuring some amazing poets and thinkers, reading their work and discussing their ideas. I strongly encourage to check out the series at

Here’s the video of that in case you missed it. It was a great evening!

On April 15 I was also featured on rob mclennan’s “12 or 20 (second series) Questions With” on his blog at:

Check out the fantastic picture of me (taken by my daughter when she was still a pre-teen) enjoying a bit of sun a couple of summers ago, and read my questionable answers to rob’s awesome questions.

A picture of me enjoying the sun in a straw cowboy hat, sunglasses and Batman T-shirt

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