Mondays kind of suck. So let’s try to make them suck less by sharing music videos.

This week I’m kicking off what I intend to be a regular feature, the Monday Music Video. I love music, and I love movies, so of course, little movies set to music are right up my alley 🙂

This first video is from a band with which I am unfamiliar. They’re called “Khruangbin” and they’re from Texas. This song is from their upcoming third album called “Mordechai.” Apparently their previous two albums were much more instrumental, according to the good folks over at Under The Radar ( who you really should be following because they’re great!

The Cover of So We Won't Forget with a drawing of a cherry tree in full blossom in fornt of a red setting sun vaguely reminiscent of the Japanese flag

As is this song. And this video. It was directed by Scott Dungate ( who has done a lot of super creative things, much of it in advertising but we won’t hold that against him. It is as near to perfect as it is possible to get in 5 minutes. Nearly every shot is so beautifully framed, it could be a still on a wall and I would pay for it.

The centrepoint of the video is this utterly poignant fight scene.

-seriously never thought I’d describe a fight scene with those particular words in that particular order. .

Yup, this little gem perfectly encapsulates everything that is good about the genre. “Mordechai” is being released by Dead Oceans sometime soon and so sometime just after soon I will own a copy.

What do you think? Did you like it? Does it remind you of something else? Drop me a line!

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