MONDAY MUSIC VIDEO: Within The Bones An Echo Aches

The Monday Music Video is back after a couple of weeks off and the Engine has a great one for you! It’s not often enough that I get to promote a new music video from a friend. In fact, I think this actually the first time. I think I need more musicians in my life.

Though Craig has released two albums, this is his first video. He’s been letting singles from his third album in progress trickle out over the past few months and I am really looking forward to hearing the full album.

Craig is joined on this track by Marc A. Lizotte on guitar and Phil Scott on bass. The way Craig mixes them in starting with the second repetition of the verse is magnificent and marks an exciting direction for his music. We get to hear the strong lyrics once through clearly, accompanied only by some drummed punctuation. And then we’re brought back to the beginning but this time with a texture and depth that really bring the lyrics into blossom.

“Threat” by Craig H.

The images of a ghostly female face singing the lyrics over footage taken from driving around Edmonton’s downtown add a further sense of imperative. Craig is also a very talented visual artist and I think Marc, who also directed the video, really captured Craig’s sense of composition. Colour is added by screening through shots of the cosmos in the far background. There are other images resonating through as the video comes to a close with a splash of red.

This is actually my favourite thing Craig has shared. If the rest of the album is as strong as this, we are in for a treat. I strongly encourage you to listen to, and purchase, more of Craig’s work on his bandcamp page here:

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