MONDAY MUSIC VIDEO: Tell me How / It’s Better When The Sun Goes Down

I’m hot. You’re hot. We’re all hot. Even when the sun goes down, there is no relief. Thanks climate change *insert eyeroll emoji here*

We had a pretty busy weekend with kids graduating high school and junior high and annual general meetings of poetry festival boards and visiting our oldest friends for the first time in a year.

Thankfully, there is always music, there are always music videos, and there is always Robert Smith. And I’m hoping there will always be Lauren Mayberry and the boys from Chvrches. I love them.

They have mentioned in a number interviews over the years how much they owe to Robert Smith and the Cure, without whom, they say, they would never have started a band.

And here they are together, making music and images and making the baby Goth inside of me squeal with joy. And by squeal I mean slightly inclining my big hair and heavy eyeliner.

This is what is driving my creativity this week.

Your call to action this week is to simply nod your head with me and enjoy.

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