MONDAY MUSIC VIDEO: Going To A Place That’s Rotten

Some days are not awesome. Today was one of those days. Nothing truly terrible happened to me personally today, but more than one person I love did not have the best day. This is exacerbated by the fact that our environmental degradation is floating in the air, blocking out the sun, stinging our eyes.

Some days one just wants to nope. Rather than doom scroll tonight though, I checked out some music news sites and ran across something I had previously missed: Bills & Aches & Blues.

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, the best record label in world, 4ad, released four ep’s of current 4ad artists covering some of the biggest songs from 4ad’s past. You want to hear Big Thief covering The Breeders? You got it! U.S. Girls covering The Birthday Party? Why not? Or, to really blow your mind, how about The Breeders covering His Name Is Alive? YES!

You say you’re not familiar with His Name Is Alive? Well. You have a stunning and delightful world to discover my friend. Why don’t you start off with perhaps one of the greatest music videos ever made. Are We Still Married is a short film by The Brothers Quay and your mind is about to be blown for the second time tonight!

This is what is driving my creativity this week – or at least what’s cheering me up a bit.

No call to action this week my friends, just stay with us.


Bills & Aches & Blues

01. Tkay Maidza – ‘Where Is My Mind?’ (Pixies)
02. U.S. Girls – ‘Junkyard’ (The Birthday Party)
03. Aldous Harding – ‘Revival’ (Deerhunter)
04. The Breeders – ‘The Dirt Eaters’ (His Name Is Alive)
05. Maria Somerville- ‘Seabird’ (Air Miami)
06. Tune-Yards – ‘Cannonball’ (The Breeders)
07. Spencer. – ‘Genesis’ (Grimes)
08. Helado Negro – ‘Futurism’ (Deerhunter)
09. Efterklang – ‘Postal’ (Piano Magic)
10. Bing and Ruth – ‘Gigantic’ (Pixies)
11. Future Islands – ‘The Moon Is Blue’ (Colourbox)
12. Jenny Hval – ‘Sunbathing’ (Lush)
13. Dry Cleaning – ‘Oblivion’ (Grimes)
14. Bradford Cox – ‘Mountain Battles’ (The Breeders)
15. SOHN – ‘Song To The Siren’ (Tim Buckley)
16. Becky and The Birds – ‘The Wolves Act I and II’ (Bon Iver)
17. Ex:Re – ‘Misery Is a Butterfly’ (Blonde Redhead)
18. Big Thief – ‘Off You’ (The Breeders)

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