Hello fellow Gen-X oldsters (or other indy music fans.) Do you remember St. Etienne? Their album “Foxbase Alpha” from 1991 was one of those albums that got under your skin and became part of your synapses. Have you listened to any of their subsequent material? Doesn’t matter, you’re going to want to listen to their new one, called “I’ve Been Trying To Tell You” and it is out on September 10.

The new single off their new album is out now. The song is called “Penlop” and the video is embedded (sort of) below. It is behind an age wall because it does feature a couple of quick shots of a man in a bathtub, kit out. The few frames of penis are not gratuitous though and the entire video is really, really well done.

I’m not going to spoil the main sample in the song for you. I was deeply gratified when I recognized it and the full sophistication of what it brings to the song. This is how you do a sample. It fits in all the ways, like snapping in the final piece of a puzzle.

This is what is driving my creativity this week, the way art resonates and links across time and space.

Go ahead, turn it up, relax into it.

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