MONDAY MUSIC VIDEO: Come Sail Your Ships Around Me

This post hits close to home – literally. Teenaged Nell Smith lives in Fernie, B.C. I grew up just up the highway in Elkford and spent many, many winter weekends on the hill in Fernie. Best snow on the planet.

Nell Smith spent much of her time musically, including travelling to see the Flaming Lips, more than once and apparently in a parrot costume. Totally a logical thing to wear to a Flaming Lips concert, actually.

Long story short, 14-year-old Nell Smith and the Flaming Lips have recorded an album of Nick Cave songs together. Yes, you read that correctly. A cool teen from a tiny town has collaborated with the indescribable Lips. Below is the second video they’ve released from the album which was released on November 26.

This girl has amazing taste in music. She’s chosen some of my favourite Cave songs, including what may be the best love song ever written:

Makes my chest tight every time I hear it. I have no idea how this happened but it is undeniably cool. This is what’s driving my creativity this week. There are literally no limits. Do what you love. Do not fear. Wear parrot costumes to concerts. Sing.

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