MONDAY MUSIC VIDEO: Someone Was Up, Working in the Quiet

This is the video I needed for today. It is snowing here. Again. And cold.

There were a couple of years when I was a kid when rollerskating came to our small mountain town. It was a summer thing, on the smooth cement of the indoor skating rink. You could rent skates for pocket change and roll around and around in long, lazy loops. They turned off the too white overhead lights so the only illumination came from the orange glow of the hall lights on the cinderblock walls around the boards – that and the two disco balls suspended over either end of the rink.

The music back then of course, wasn’t as…atmospheric as this but in my memory, this sound matches the feel of the wheels on my feet. And don’t even mention “roller blading” in the same breath as roller skating. There is no comparison. Two wheels bad. Four wheels good.

Mmmm, the flute part particularly, fluttering over the rhythm and the occasional slow guitar chords captures that certain feeling.

Widowspeak have created something magical with both the song and the video for “While You Wait.” Parts of the video remind me of San Diego, and La Jolla and I have very fond memories of visiting those cities. The video is shot in Los Angeles though. There are a couple of night shots in front of the Haddon Hall Apartments that almost make me want to move to southern California. I can almost feel that warm breeze.

So this is what is driving my creativity this week: not driving, but floating.

And final note

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