MONDAY MUSIC VIDEO: but I do radiate a certain glow

There are some songs that are difficult to describe. There are some artists who are difficult to describe. This makes me happy. There is delight in surprise. Uniqueness is worth pursuing.

Dan Bejar, the brains behind Vancouver band Destroyer is something else. Formed in 1995, the two threads running through all of Destroyer’s music are Dan’s voice, of course, and a musical virtuosity that crosses genres. They are tight, so tight.

Destroyer’s new album is coming out on March 25. They’ve released a couple of videos over the past month or so and last week, they released a seven minute video for “June.” Bejar co-directed the video with David Galloway and it is good. Really good.

It’s kind of three songs/videos in one. I love watching people prepare food and the first little section takes me back to some of my first jobs in the food industry. And then, suddenly, we switch to the coolest food delivery guy ever: Cylon on a Segway! Or, for the younger set, Daft Punk. I prefer Cylons.

Cylons aside, I love, love, love this song. Funky, groovy, bassy, hooky with a surprise around nearly every chord change. Lyrically, it is fascinating, poetic even. This is what is driving my creativity this week: a group of people who are all really good at what they do, making delightful magic together.

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