MONDAY MUSIC VIDEO: let’s get out of this life

Welcome to another very monday, Monday. Here is a little gem of a video that eerily accurately captures how I’m feeling this morning.

I’m old, and grumpy. The Oscars were last night and the broadcast just made me sad. Cinematic mediocrity, sprinkled with nuggets of cringe, finished off with a splooge of toxic masculinity.

Thank the maker for music videos.

Here’s a new collaboration from 80’s icons Pet Shop Boys and Soft Cell. These fellows still have it. I listened to my cassette copy of “Please” on repeat when it came out until my 15-year-old ears knew every note by heart. It was a lifeline for me living in a small prairie city whose two radio stations were dedicated solely to either Randy Travis or AC/DC.

That was a life, and a town, I was happy to get out of. I think now that I may be out of paying any attention to mainstream celebrity culture as well.

This is what is driving my creativity this week: wallowing a little bit in a mix of disco and nostalgia.

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