MONDAY MUSIC VIDEO: Indigo, as it were, answering green

I really hope I’m the one you hear this from. Nothing would make me happier than making you happier than you have been since the 1996 release of “Milk and Kisses.” Elizabeth Fraser has a new song out and a new EP coming on Record Store Day. Watch it here now. I’ll wait for you.

So? What do you think? Perfect in the way everything she does is perfect, yes? But not Cocteau Twins. Her partner Damon Reece (Massive Attack, Spiritualized, Lupine Howl) has his own sound. Together, they have made this little something.

Sun’s Signature, Golden Air. Sun’s Golden, Signature Air. Sun’s Air, Golden Signature.

This, and this alone, is why I will line up early, early, early, outside my local indy record seller on April 23rd.

I am done with the words for now. Going to go back and listen to this once more….perhaps twice….

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