MONDAY MUSIC VIDEO: This is (not) the last chance

Rather, this is perhaps your first (of many) chances, to enjoy the fantastic Saya Gray performing her own music. If you are like me and not on the inside of the live performance, pick up bass playing industry, then you likely haven’t heard of her before this.Though only in her mid-twenties, this Toronto-born musical whiz is apparently well-known in the industry for her extensive gigging – something she has been doing since she was a teenager.

There is a lot of excitement building around her first album of original material (19 Masters coming in early June) and the video for “If There’s No Seat In The Sky (Will You Forgive Me???)” was released back in mid-March.

I love this video. It has a lot going on drawing imagery from her Japanese heritage and weaving some pretty strong imagery of breaking out, breaking with the past, taking her freedom. There are some Laurie Anderson vibes going on and a little touch of Bjork, maybe? But also some stunningly original elements.

This is what is driving my creativity this week, greatly looking forward to hearing more from Saya. Can’t wait for June 2!

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