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MONDAY MUSIC VIDEO: Doors Are The Way You Leave

A cool 14 year-old from a tiny Canadian mountain town made an album of Nick Cave covers with the Flaming Lips. Faith in the universe, restored.

MONDAY MUSIC VIDEO: Come Sail Your Ships Around Me

A cool 14 year-old from a tiny Canadian mountain town made an album of Nick Cave covers with the Flaming Lips. Faith in the universe, restored.

in the space between carefully chosen words

This is a post I am not happy to share. I’ve had a new poem published on the periodicities blog. Though I am grateful for rob mclennan and his bottomless well of poetic and publishing energy, today is a reminder of other sad days. This poem is in response to

MONDAY MUSIC VIDEO(s): Once a Big Thing…

This post about bands that were big in the 80s releasing new music now has been cooking for a few weeks and only came together after Midnight Oil released their new song, “Rising Seas,” earlier this week. While they might not top many lists of the best bands of the

This Is Not Art, This is Disaster,

Hey Everyone! I hope you are doing well today. As many of you know, I am a verrrrrrrry slow writer. I’ve been working on the follow-up to Lunatic Engine for what seems a decade already though it really has only been a couple of years. The working title for the

Black and white photo fo Jim with shades

Only Jarmusch Left Alive

I often feel like I’m the last one to know anything. The latest case in point: Jim Jarmusch’s film “Only Lovers Left Alive.” Though it was released in 2013, I only just watched it this weekend. Late at night. By myself. Isolated in the basement pending the results of a

A Still from St. Etienne's video for "Penlop" taken from


Hello fellow Gen-X oldsters (or other indy music fans.) Do you remember St. Etienne? Their album “Foxbase Alpha” from 1991 was one of those albums that got under your skin and became part of your synapses. Have you listened to any of their subsequent material? Doesn’t matter, you’re going to

MONDAY MUSIC VIDEO: Going To A Place That’s Rotten

Some days are not awesome. Today was one of those days. Nothing truly terrible happened to me personally today, but more than one person I love did not have the best day. This is exacerbated by the fact that our environmental degradation is floating in the air, blocking out the

the cover of Typology, image taken from the Anstruther Press website

CROWS CIRCLING OVERHEAD, Holding Type to the Light

I love chapbooks. I have boxes of them. They’re like singles, like EP’s. A quick listen, enjoyment without the commitment to a full book. They are also, to switch metaphors, like details from paintings in an Art History textbook. They are deep dives, parts representing a greater whole, a way

MONDAY MUSIC VIDEO: Tell me How / It’s Better When The Sun Goes Down

I’m hot. You’re hot. We’re all hot. Even when the sun goes down, there is no relief. Thanks climate change *insert eyeroll emoji here* We had a pretty busy weekend with kids graduating high school and junior high and annual general meetings of poetry festival boards and visiting our oldest

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