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The Edmonton Poetry Festival is back! It has been a long two years of having to translate, create, and participate through a screen. I’m not sure I even understand how much I am looking forward to sharing with you in person again. I’ll join you in the audience at an event and perhaps even see you at my reading on Friday, April 29.

in the space between carefully chosen words

This is a post I am not happy to share. I’ve had a new poem published on the periodicities blog. Though I am grateful for rob mclennan and his bottomless well of poetic and publishing energy, today is a reminder of other sad days. This poem is in response to

This Is Not Art, This is Disaster,

Hey Everyone! I hope you are doing well today. As many of you know, I am a verrrrrrrry slow writer. I’ve been working on the follow-up to Lunatic Engine for what seems a decade already though it really has only been a couple of years. The working title for the

the cover of Typology, image taken from the Anstruther Press website

CROWS CIRCLING OVERHEAD, Holding Type to the Light

I love chapbooks. I have boxes of them. They’re like singles, like EP’s. A quick listen, enjoyment without the commitment to a full book. They are also, to switch metaphors, like details from paintings in an Art History textbook. They are deep dives, parts representing a greater whole, a way

Stained with All The Things / I Could Make True

The title of this week’s post is a pair of lines from Jennifer Bowering Delisle’s fantastic new book, “Deriving.”. Published by the University of Alberta Press, “Deriving” is Delisle’s second book of poetry. Her first book, “The Bosun Chair,” which is described as a lyric memoir, is also fantastic and

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