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Learn Cursive with Lunatic Engine – Lesson 15 –

A Small and Trifling Body should not have taken so much blood to wash outshould not have torn her keel in two Funny how just a couple of short lines excerpted from a whole poem can stand for so much. The process of completing these worksheets has forced me to

LEarn Cursive with Lunatic Engine Lesson 14

Learn Cursive with Lunatic Engine – Lesson 14 –

Through My Memory of Their Eloquence in the third trimesteryour handsvein and swelllike tree swallows A love poem. Pure and simple. I can’t wait for you to read the whole thing. And now we’ve come to the final fountain pen. I’ve got a couple of other interesting writing implements to

Learn Cursive with Lunatic Engine – Lesson 13 –

Because of Our Zeal cause humanbodies are bad at reproducing our desireslurk between the sheetscaused missed carriages onlyhappen to other heroines We’re starting to get into it now. This is the first of a few pregnancy and birth poems that cluster around the emotional pivot of the book. This is

Learn Cursive With Lunatic Engine – Lesson 01 –

So my first book of poetry is being published in April 2020 by Turnstone Press out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. “Lunatic Engine” took me more than a decade to put together and it’s got a lot going on. So much going on in fact that I’d like to introduce it

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