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What’s driving your creativity? Here’s what’s driving mine these days: movies, music, poetry, books, literature, video, interwebs, pure digital convergent awesomeness.


The Edmonton Poetry Festival is back! It has been a long two years of having to translate, create, and participate through a screen. I’m not sure I even understand how much I am looking forward to sharing with you in person again. I’ll join you in the audience at an event and perhaps even see you at my reading on Friday, April 29.

Lunatic Engine Book Cover

Special Sneak Preview Reading

Hey folks, as plans for the launch in just a few short weeks move along, I wanted to thank everyone who tuned in to the preview reading I did a couple of weeks ago as part of the Writers Guild of Alberta’s Online Reading Series. While it is not the

Turnstone Poetry Youtube Channel!

Hey Everyone! Check it out! Turnstone has launched a new poetry channel on YouTube and one of the poems from Lunatic Engine is on of the featured video broadsheets. Take a look and let me know what you think! You may want to also subscribe to the channel because there’s

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