MONDAY MUSIC VIDEO: This is (not) the last chance

NEW ON THE BLOG: Is this perhaps your first (of many) chances, to enjoy the fantastic Saya Gray performing her own music? Watch the video for “If There’s No Seat In The Sky (Will You Forgive Me???)” right now!


The Edmonton Poetry Festival is back! It has been a long two years of having to translate, create, and participate through a screen. I’m not sure I even understand how much I am looking forward to sharing with you in person again. I’ll join you in the audience at an event and perhaps even see you at my reading on Friday, April 29.

MONDAY MUSIC VIDEO: Indigo, as it were, answering green

NEW ON THE BLOG: Perfect in the way everything Elizabeth Fraser does is perfect. But not Cocteau Twins. Her partner Damon Reece (Massive Attack) has his own sound. Together, they have made this little something.

MONDAY MUSIC VIDEO: let’s get out of this life

NEW ON THE BLOG: The new video from Pet Shop Boys and Soft Cell captures how I’m felling this morning. The Oscars were last night and the broadcast just made me sad. Cinematic mediocrity, sprinkled with nuggets of cringe, finished off with a splooge of toxic masculinity. Ugh, let’s get out of this life indeed.

MONDAY MUSIC VIDEO: but I do radiate a certain glow

There are some songs that are difficult to describe. There are some artists who are difficult to describe. This makes me happy. There is delight in surprise. Uniqueness is worth pursuing. Dan Bejar, the brains behind Vancouver band Destroyer is something else. Formed in 1995, the two threads running through

MONDAY MUSIC VIDEO: Impossible Visualiser

Regular readers know I consider the music video the highest art form, my generation’s (Gen-X) greatest contribution to western cultural life. So while the surprise of a collaboration between a couple of my favourite artists (Royksopp and Goldfrapp) is driving my creativity this week, the fact that the video for the song is a random morphing of almost images, is reducing my enthusiasm.

MONDAY MUSIC VIDEO: Someone Was Up, Working in the Quiet

Widowspeak have created something magical with both the song and the video for “While You Wait.” Parts of the video remind me of San Diego, and La Jolla

MONDAY MUSIC VIDEO: Doors Are The Way You Leave

A cool 14 year-old from a tiny Canadian mountain town made an album of Nick Cave covers with the Flaming Lips. Faith in the universe, restored.

MONDAY MUSIC VIDEO: Come Sail Your Ships Around Me

A cool 14 year-old from a tiny Canadian mountain town made an album of Nick Cave covers with the Flaming Lips. Faith in the universe, restored.

in the space between carefully chosen words

This is a post I am not happy to share. I’ve had a new poem published on the periodicities blog. Though I am grateful for rob mclennan and his bottomless well of poetic and publishing energy, today is a reminder of other sad days. This poem is in response to

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