The poems that follow are the result of an invitation.

Part of the title of Galileo’s treatise Bodies That Stay Atop Water is (or move within it.) Similarly, throughout the first section of the book, footnotes live and move within the main text, and this next section, these footnotes (and the text they apply to) are brought forward as the bodies, the meaning, that moves within the book.

This is a space in the book for you to gather, collate, and interpret both the footnotes themselves and the text that is footnoted to create new poems. The final appearance of these poems will depend on which of the two numbers in each footnote notation you use to order your text. To get you started, two possible poems are provided in the book.

So what would happen if you took these lines, this data, and arranged them in a contrary order? What if you chose to assume that the footnote numbers referred to the line following the number rather than the line preceding it? What would the results be? Would this uncover truths previously obscured?

Lunatic Engine invites you to read with pen in hand, write in the book, rearrange it. It further invites readers to, like good scientists, share their results, their reconstructions, the ways they’ve battered the available data into some semblance of pattern or meaning, some evidence for or hinting at. Those results will appear below.

If you’d like to share your results here, please send them to me at with language granting me explicit permission to post them here.

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