Learn Cursive with Lunatic Engine – Lesson 03 –


the aerodynamics of eyelash
and blink
leaves caught in a gust
a burst
of dreaming

Yes, I guess you could call it a sort of love poem – at least this short stanza from the larger whole.

Lesson 3 was completed using a gold nib. People who like Pelikan pens tend to really, really like them. I can sort of see why. The nib is so smooth, soooooooo smoooooooooth. But, its not fine enough for me. This is one pen I might consider getting a custom grind on if I ever find myself at a pen show. Even then though, I suspect it would still by only my second favourite German pen. Which pen do I like better? You’ll have to come back next moth to find out.

This pen came with a matching ink and it is quite a nice one, for a brown. It’s hard to see in these shots, but while it is dark at the core, it has some really nice, light shading. It is a little on the wet side but I don’t mind that at all. It still dries moderately quickly and doesn’t show a lot of feathering. It is a bit heavy though so will show through paper of lesser quality.

Neither the pen nor the ink are on the budget side of the equation but then neither are they on the luxury side either. And unless you’ve got teeny little cramped writing like me, I suspect you’ll be quite happy with this little beauty,

About Learn Cursive with Lunatic Engine. Each week, until my first book of poetry launches in April 2020, I am going to complete a cursive worksheet featuring lines from the poems in the book with notes on which tool I used. I will post the blank sheets as pdf’s below and here on the full explanation page for you to download, print and complete.

A new lesson with new lines will be added to the complete document so that by the time the book comes out, you’ll have not only had a chance to read a couple of lines from each poem, but you’ll have written them yourself.

So there you have it: Learn Cursive, with lines from Lunatic Engine.

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